What is Entertainment? Something that attracts your attention and holds it. The ability to compel people to stop what they are doing and get lost in a performance to take peoples minds away from reality and put a smile on their face. To help people to relax, unwind and enjoy the moment or just sit back and be mesmerized ..making people feel good!

DJ/MC Bill Cody is an entertainment specialist whose number one goal is the success of your special event. Entertaining, Energizing and Fun are three words that well describe Bills outgoing and charming personality.

Bill Cody grew up with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Doobie Brothers.Johnny Carson, Dick Clark, David Letterman and Casey Kassem as his idols and mentors. He even had the chance to share the stage with many of his favorite entertainment personalities and groups through the years at various corporate events through the years from the Temptations/Four Tops, Johnny Cash, Three Dog Night, ZZ Top, Pat Benetar, KC and the Sunshine Band to the Little River Band. It is this firsthand knowledge of the best in the entertainment world that have rubbed off and influenced Bill as a DJ, Master of Ceremonies and Party Event Host.

When it comes to entertainment, Bill has the talent and experience to read any crowd and get them energized and involved in the event. He has the personality and energy of a Lead Singer in a Rock Band. The Emcee Voice to command attention and instigate perfect announcements with clarity, as well as the mixing skills of a Club DJ to keep people dancing all night long. Any style, any era..Bill can pick the right music and mix it seamlessly for a smoothly run show no matter what the occasion for a fabulous, successful program.

Not many DJs can say they are entertainers, but Bill Cody is just that... an Entertainment Professional!

Be sure to contact Bill Cody to find out what excitement he can bring to your next event.

Event DJ
Event DJ